E-stepper microstepping test


Extrustion width (mm)
Layer height (mm)
Filament diameter (mm)
Extruder step per mm (default 409 steps/mm for Hemera@16x) must match your current setting!
Send M92 to set E steps per unit (Marlin firmware)
Microsteps per full step
Target octagon edige length (mm)

Bed center X
Bed center Y
Align edge to XY

Bed temperature (C)
Hotend temperature (C)
First layer fan speed (0-255)
Fan speed (0-255)

Travel speed (mm/s)
Comma-separated speeds (mm/s)
Layers per test

Turn off when finished

Derived parameters

Filament area (mm2)
Extrusion area (mm2)
Full step per mm
mm E-motor per mm extruded length
mm extrusion per full step
n full steps per one octagon edge
Octagon edge length
Object height (mm)